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Green Tips for HVAC
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Green Tips for HVAC

1. Automation. Electronic programmable controller (properly programmed and calibrated) can greatly reduce your usage of water as well as treatment chemicals.  This should also improve your heat transfer, reducing utility costs and improving equipment life.  This can also earn you a LEED point.

2. Reclaimed water. If condensation can be routed back to the cooling tower sump, or lake water used as makeup source, this may also save you a great deal of makeup water.  This can also earn you a LEED point.

3. Innovation. The use of solid water treatment chemicals rather than liquid formulas can save you money on shipping costs while also reducing employee exposure and eliminating spill hazards and drum disposal.  This can also earn you a LEED point.

4. Cycles of Concentration. Understanding this principle and consulting with your water treatment contractor on your system’s actual CoC vs. potential CoC can save you a great deal of water as well as energy costs.

5. Legionella Minimization Program. Following Industry Best Practices to minimize the risk of Legionella (Legionaires’ Disease) can prevent having to conduct an emergency disinfection of your cooling tower, which is costly and dumps an undue quantity of biocide into the environment.

6. Know your water treatment contractor. Communicate with him regularly as to the state of your system, what improvements can or should be made, and the possible consequences of leaving mechanical problems uncorrected.

7. Recycle! Most water treatment containers and the boxes they may be shipped in can be recycled rather than thrown in the trash.

8. Preventive maintenance through on-site monitoring. Your water treatment contractor can educate your on-site maintenance supervisor on a couple simple items to check up on daily to insure that automated systems are operating correctly.  A problem noted and corrected within hours rather than weeks can save you many thousands of gallons of water as well as prevent wasted chemical.

9. Routinely clean condenser and evaporative coils to improve heat transfer and energy efficiency.

10. Preventive maintenance of condensate drains can minimize “sick building syndrome” and Legionella. This includes use of condensate pan tablets and/or liquid drain maintainer for the drain lines to reduce slime, mold, and clogs.