Weintraub Scholarship

Statement of Purpose

The scholarship award is established to recognize the scholastic achievements of individuals with an objective of providing financial assistance to pursue postsecondary education such as a trade school, associate’s degree, undergraduate degree, etc.

Scholarship Award

Scholarship grant(s) in an amount totaling $3,000 is to be awarded to one or more candidates.  The Scholarship Committee will review recommended candidates and will award up to a total of $3,000 to the successful candidate(s).  The Scholarship Committee has the final authority over selection of the winning candidate(s).

Eligibility Requirements

Candidates considered for the Weintraub Scholarship must have gained official admission to, or already be enrolled in, an accredited institution (trade, community college, undergrad, etc).

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In recognition of the Weintraub family’s 55 years of dedication to and advancement of the Building Owners & Managers Association of Metropolitan St. Louis (BOMA), the Board of Directors established the Weintraub Scholarship Award.

Sam Weintraub served as BOMA’s executive director from 1966 to 1987. Following Sam’s passing, his son, Larry, continued to serve as executive director until his retirement at the end of 2021.

Sam Weintraub
Executive Director
1966 - 1987

Larry Weintraub
Executive Director
1987 - 2021