Weintraub Scholarship

Statement of Purpose

The scholarship award is established to recognize the achievements of individuals related to, or sponsored by, BOMA St. Louis members, with an objective of providing financial assistance to pursue completion of postsecondary education (trade, associate, undergrad, etc).

Scholarship Award

Scholarship(s) in an amount totaling $3,000 is to be awarded to one or more candidates on an annual basis. The Scholarship Committee will review recommended candidates and will award up to a total of $3,000 to the successful candidate(s).  The Scholarship Committee has the final authority over selection of the winning candidate(s).

Eligibility Requirements

Candidates considered for the Weintraub Scholarship must meet the following requirements:

1. Must be sponsored by a BOMA St. Louis member (who may also be a relative).

2. Must have gained official admission to, or be a student already enrolled in, an accredited institution (trade, associate, undergrad, etc).

Applications will be available beginning each January and are due by March 31.

Sam Weintraub served as BOMA’s executive director from 1966 to 1987. During that time, his enthusiastic, colorful leadership helped BOMA grow into a highly visible,  professional trade association of more than 450 local members. The vitality of BOMA today is a tribute to Sam’s vision and dedication. He was president of Weintraub and Associates, Inc., an advertising and public relations company he founded in 1953. 

He was best known for his successful local, regional, and national advertising campaigns; the many awards for excellence he received in both print and broadcast media; and the local and statewide political campaigns and issue referendums the agency won for its clients.  Sam was married to Suzanne Weintraub, and had three children: Larry, Rob and Sara. Larry and Rob went into the family business, and Larry continued to serve as BOMA’s executive director through 2021.

Larry Weintraub continues to place importance on the family scholarship, not only because education was always a top family value, but also because it rewards and furthers the academic accomplishments of a deserving, hard-working student.